170 CTA Templates For All Occasions: Take and Use

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170 CTA Templates For All Occasions: Take and Use

Let’s talk about these call-to-actions. We all had some moments of confusion when we have to put some captivating text on that button but ideas are just gone. If you also feel this way sometimes, don’t worry because we have 170 templates for CTA. How to get people subscribed to your newsletter, continue reading the article, fill the contact form or buy the product - it’s all here.

Subscribe to the newsletter, blog updates, registration

1. Subscribe and keep track of the latest innovations in ___!

2. Join us and get 10 new ideas every day on ___.

3. Subscribe now and get exclusive tips on ___.

4. Subscribe, if you are really passionate about ___!

5. If you are tired of ___, subscribe!

6. For those who dig deep and want to know more. Subscribe.

7. Want to be ahead of the competition? Start now!

8. Subscribe if you like ___ and want ___.

9. Join us and get inspired every day!

10. Let’s go forward together!

11. Become a professional - with free guidance!

12. Subscribe to the newsletter and become a genius ___!

13. Sign up for blog updates and collect the knowledge!

14. Subscribe to our newsletter and join our ___ subscribers.

15. Sign up for our news and promotions. You will be among the first to know about new collections, and receive promo codes to participate in promotions and sales.

16. Sign up and be the first to see new collection ___!

17. Start living your dream now! Get access to information that will allow you to turn your dreams into reality.

18. If you like our articles, subscribe to RSS!

19. Like this post? Subscribe to site updates via RSS.

20. Sign up for our newsletter and get the discount at our online shop.

21. Join us and get a discount of __% on any product in our catalogue.

22. Join us today and participate in a daily give-aways.

23. Sign up to receive free access to valuable information.

24. Sign up now and get a free e-book.

25. Sign up and begin receiving the money.

26. The most interesting news from the world of ___.

27. To get free materials. We have already ___ subscribers.

28. Register. It will take you no more than 2 minutes.

29. Sign up and find out why ___ people like and recommend ___. Sharing content

30. Like this post? Share with friends!

31. Liked the material? We are grateful for the repost.

32. Liked the material? Please repost!

33. Like this post? Don't forget to "like".

34. Useful information? Make your friends happy too!

35. Liked the article? Put this like.

36.Liked the material? Click the heart.

37. Liked the article? Don't be greedy share!

38. You are a great person. Share this article with a friend!

39. Just like it.

40. Make the world a little brighter and share this article with your friends!

41. You like the material? It’s easy to thank us. We would highly appreciate if you share this article in social networks.

42. Like our agency? Put like and share with your friends!

43. Make a repost and get a chance to win ___.

44. Share this article with your friends. Perhaps it will inspire...

45. Rascher article! Be a man!

46. When you leave the page without "like", a cat gets sad.

Commenting on the article

47. Be the first to comment on the publication!

48. If you have something to add on the topic, feel free.

49. What else can you add to the above?

50. What do you think about this? Agree or not?

51. Did something like this happen to you? Tell us in comments.

52. Which of the following ways, in your opinion, is the most effective? Share in the comments.

53. Have you ever done ___?

54. And what is your favorite ___?

55. And you use ___? How useful is this tool in practice?

56. By the way, one of the above facts is a lie. Guess which one.

57. Do you think if ___?

58. How do you assess the prospects for ___?

59. What would you do if you were ___?

60. Leave a comment - we value your opinion.

61. I would be interested to know your point of view in comment


62. Who will comment this post will receive a free _


63. If you relate, share the pain in commen


64. To those who comment on this entry, I'l

l give very useful advice to ___.

65. These readers who comment on this post before 00:00 in his local time, will be happy the whole year.

Request for information

66. Have questions? Sit down, let’s talk.

67. Talk to an expert on the topic that interests you.

68. Manager ___ with pleasure will answer you now! Start a conversation.

69. Can't decide? Ask for advice from our live operators.

70. To ask questions regarding the product, please use the form below.

71. Can't find a suitable product? Ask a question to a specialist.

72. Need help? Ask a question or call the expert!

73. Can't make a choice? Ask the expert!

74. Can't find what you were looking for? Ask a question directly from the page with the search results.

75. Give us a call – we will gladly answer all your questions.

76. Have questions? Write to us – we will be happy to answer.

77. You have questions at ___? Want to know the cost? Enter your phone number and we will contact you within 5 minutes.

78. I can't get through? Request a call back.

79. Have questions? Send us a request, we'll call you back. Yeah, call me back.

80. Yes, you are self-sufficient and know everything is fine. Yes, you can read and use search. Yeah, don't you love to be distracted. But still... If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

Cost calculation, ordering advice, download a trial version of the product

81. To calculate.

82. Pick up the tour.

83. To calculate the cost.

84. To open a free demo account.

85. Get free cost calculation.

86. We’ll measure everything for free - just say so.

87. Call the tech guy.

88. Get a free analysis of your ___.

89. Use our online calculator and see how much you can save.

90. Get a FREE consultation.

91. Book a free half-hour consultation.

92. See the product in action.

93. Try the app (trial period of 7 days).

94. Test ___ absolutely for free.

95. An indispensable tool for ___. Try it for free.

96. Start a 30-day trial period.

97. Get free, no risk, trial version for 14 days!

98. You can download a trial version with all features for free.

99. Try ___ for free. 7 days to make sure it suits you.

100. Try before you buy! Free access for 5 days.

101. You can free download ___ and see the benefits of the system.

102. Want to make sure that we can trust? Test our services for two months.

103. Get free test access and evaluate the capabilities of ___.

The service order, product purchase

104. Buy today, save tomorrow.

105. Buy today, pay in a month!

106. Buy and get a gift ___.

107. Buy on the stock.

108. Start ___ right now.

109. Yes, I want it.

110. Let's do this.

111. Let’s go!

112. Start work.

113. ___ one click away.

114. Hurry up to buy. Offer expires 1st August.

115. Take your time, it's.

116. Take the first step towards the development of ___.

117. Click here to start a new life.

118. Enroll in courses and realize your creative potential.

119. Buy ___ and you do ___.

120. Order.___ Be one step ahead.

121. Start use our service and say "goodbye" ___.

122. If you have expensive _ _ _ we are waiting for you!

123. Order now and after 10 days you ___.

124. Contact: all requests promptly react qualified.

125. Order it now. 14 day free trial. Money back guarantee.

View the full post

126. Read the full story.

127. We have the second part.

128. We know you want more.

129. Click here to learn more.

130. Learn more.

131. Details here.

132. This article will teach you how ___.

133. To read the whole article.

134. Read further.

135. Continue reading.

136. Learn how we have helped our clients ___.

137. Thrilled? Click here to learn more.

The downloading of the content

138. Free download.

139. Download is free and without restrictions.

140. Click to download ___ free and without registration.

141. Download ___ and enjoy ___.

142. Love gifts? Collect! Free ebook.

143. Download at high speed.

144. Exclusive content. Download.

145. This book will teach you ___. Yes, I want to be better!

146. Get the book in the mail. Send.

147. To get the full catalog.

Event invitation

148. And will you be there?

149. To reserve a place.

150. See you soon!

151. I'm inviting you...

152. Reserve your seat right now.

153. The number of places is limited.

154. The most spectacular event in the industry. Don't miss your chance.

155. The most anticipated event of the year.

156. We saved you a seat.

157. Free seminar for those who dream about ___.

158. Come to the seminar. The entrance is free.

159. Come to our seminar and you will learn ___.

160. Come to the seminar and I'll teach you ___.

161. Click here to participate.

Search string

162. What are we looking for?

163. Search all the content.

164. Enter the request.

165. To find the product.

166. Search.

167. Enter a phrase.

168. Write your query.

169. Enter the name of the product or service.

170. Let’s find stuff together.

If you need to write any CTA, just take one of those. And if you don't - share the article in social media in case you'll use it later. 

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