25 Tools For Facebook Page Managers

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25 Tools For Facebook Page Managers

We, Facebook Page admins, have a difficult life. We need to keep in touch with the reach of our posts, answer comments, messages, think about new ideas for viral videos, and create content plans.

It’s not easy. Especially if you have several pages to juggle. Sometimes we even mess up. Don’t tell me you never confused pages and published a post not where it’s supposed to be.

Our life is difficult. And we deserve it to be a little easier.

To help Facebook Page managers enjoy their lives to the full extent, we’ve collected 25 must-have apps for Facebook. Enjoy!

Collecting Statistics

1. Likealyzer


The tool helps you analyze Facebook pages. It gives tips on how to increase the reach, create a better page design, checks the quality of your customer-brand communication, and finds other pages of your branch so you can compare and have some takeaways.

The tool is free.

2. Social Bakers

The tool for post analysis, and tracking down the mentions of your brand. Also, you can compare your rates to those of your competitors. Another awesome-sauce thing Socialbakers does is looking for popular content. With the tool, you can manage posting as well.

The first two weeks of use are free. Subscription is $20.



The app can look for the interests of your audience, track the most popular content, and evaluate the efficiency of page management. Also, you can sort your posts by different filters, build graphics and diagrams. All the data can be exported in series of formats.

Besides for Facebook, the tool works for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube.

There is a trial period which is valid for a week. You can analyze the data of one account in one social network. The minimal plan is worth $10.

4. JagaJam

Are you eager to know more about the impact of your posts? Use JagaJam then. The tool hs dozens of metrics for content analysis. In fact there are few things JagaJam can’t do. Wanna know if your SMM-agency works well? Here you’ll find out. Do you want to get automatic reports straight to your email? Sure, no problem.

The service is a must-have for a page manager.

It has a 7-days free trial.

5. FeedSpy


A tool for content analysis. It can find the most popular posts, track down likes, shares, and comments. Fits for competitor analysis. Also, you can find out the interests of your audience.

All the reports can be exported in a convenient format. The tool works with all popular social media.

You can do five analytic checks for free. The minimal plan is $4.95.

Designs For Posts And Pages

6. Canva


Canva is one of the easiest photo editors that ever exist. It’s often used by professional designers when they don’t want to hustle for hours in Photoshop.

There are over 50 000 templates for different purposes. Here you can design a page cover, a picture for a post or an ad banner for Facebook.


Most of the templates are free. Others can be bought for $1.

7. Google Docs

And here you might think “Wow. Putting Google Docs into the listicle for Facebook Page Managers. How lame is that”.

However, only a few people know that Google Docs has one of the biggest collections of emojis. In order to see it, choose Insert -> Special Characters -> Emojis.

8. Frame Studio and AR Studio

Frame Studio and AR Studio

Those are the two built-in apps on Facebook. You can create custom frames for profile pictures and page covers. After the custom frame has been created, you can share it with your subscribers. Page managers can use the tool to unite the subscribers if they are involved in the same sort of activity. For example “I’m participating in the contest run by [Name of the company].”

The app is free

AR Studio is another advanced app for 3D stickers. Unlike Frame Studio, it’s a complicated tool created for professional designers.

AR Studio is free as well.

9. Facebook Format Tool

FB Format Tool

An app allows you to format texts. You can write in bold, italic, strikethrough, etc. Your text can be exported to Facebook

10. LiveReacting.com

Live Reacting

With this app, you can try posting some cool types of videos. Here’s what guys offer:

  • a countdown to any event;
  • a vote by reactions (yeah, that one that became so popular since the elections);
  • streaming a pre-recorded video.

The app has a free trial.

11. Polls For Pages

Polls for pages

It’s another way to create polls on the page. The tool is a built-in Facebook app. Polls for Pages offers a wide range of possibilities for different types of polls. You can create a multiple-choice survey as well as range something from 1 to 5.

The app is free.

12. PromoRepublic

Promo Republic

A convenient all-in-one tool that is basically a must-have for the social media manager. It has a built-in graphics editor, very similar to the one Canva has. Also, you can manage posting, track down various statistics, or find ideas of interesting posts in your niche.

The tool offers a 1-week trial period. The minimal paid plan will cost you $10.

13. Pagemodo


A tool offers everything you need for a strong social media presence. It can design posts, create a profile picture and a cover photo, images for adds and contests.

Service has a huge template library.

Most functions are free. You’ll need a premium version, however, to remove a watermark from the image. The minimal cost is $5.

Creating a chatbot

14. Chatfuel


The tool is a must-have if you want to create a Messenger chatbot. Its bots have good learning skills in recognizing human speech. Also, you can create a block with several options (for example, different types of products the company offers).

The tool is compatible with RSS, Wordpress, Google Maps, so you can paste different forms of content. It can also accept payments from your customers.

A chatbot with Chatfuel is your chance to let someone else do the talking.

There’s a free trial. The plan costs $36 per 1000 subscribers.



A professional tool for managers who want to create an AI-powered chatbot. You can insert multimedia files, send your subscribers your RSS feed. Also, if a user wants to contact a human support agent, you’ll be the first one to know about it.

Botsify can recognize human speech by scanning the keywords. There’s a tool for analysis of your chatbot performance.



A bot creator powered by artificial intelligence. You can also send the content of multiple types, link your RSS-feed to the feed, accept payments, and gather contact information.

The tool offers dozens of dialogue templates, all logical and structured. Also, you can add multiple plugins to your chatbot.

Up to 1000 messages sent are free. Afterwards, the price varies from 50 to 5 000 dollars per month.

17. Surveybot


It’s a visual constructor of simple bots for polls and surveys. You can ask users questions, and, if you want to, offer the variants of answers. Also, you can create a question tree: the question of the bot will depend on the answer of the user. The main benefit of service is its simplicity. You’ll get a hang of it even if you don’t have coding skills.

Despite for text, you can also add an image, a video, a map an audio, and a document.

In a free version of the tool, your bot can talk only to 100 people. Paid version costs $35.



A tool for those who created a bot on their own. You can analyze your chatbot and see where you have room for improvement. It can track down the efficiency of the dialogue, the details of bot’s talk, get the personal data of a user, segment the audience. Also, if bot is stuck, a support agent can switch to a human support agent.

The analysis for one bot is free.

Creating a Shop On The Page

19. Ecwid


You can create a shop page on Facebook. Unlike a built-in tab “Store”. the Ecwid Store accepts payments. Also, Ecwid can “discuss” the terms of delivery with a client. A tool allows you to choose the design of your shop and upload new goods automatically.

You can either choose a template for your store or upload your own. There are advanced settings and a feature of adding multiple plugins.

Your first 10 goods are free to upload. However, in order to connect the tool to Facebook, you’ll have to pay $15.

20. ShopScript.com


Shop-script is an e-commerce tool for creating online shop. It has one theme for Facebook. You can choose the delivery option, add different product modification (sizes and colors), and get email notifications when someone bought a product.

The app has a free 30 days trial period.

Brand Mentions

21. Mention


The app will facilitate the process of tracking down social media mentions, both of your own company and your competition. You’ll be able to get automatic reports about your reputation online, find customer insights, and handle crises.

The tool will also track down the influencers of your niche so you can stay in touch with them all the time.

Mention has strong analytics tools and dozens of metrics to study.

You can request a free demo or pay $29 for a monthly plan.

22. TalkWalker Alerts

TalkWalker Alerts

TalkWalker Alerts is a tool for social mentioning that calls itself “the best free alternative to Google Alerts”. It covers Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, websites, blogs, and forums.

With an app, you’ll get reports about all the mentions of your brand on the web, get in touch with influencers. and have some tips on how to enhance your content.

The tool doesn’t have a free plan. The basic plan costs $500.

Post Scheduling

23. PublBox.com


The tool will help a Facebook Page manager develop a content strategy. You’ll be able to juggle all the communities you manage using the smart calendar. Also, there’s an idea generator for those who need a bit of inspiration.

An app has a built-in editor where you can create custom images. Besides, if you want to keep your education on track, the tool even offers courses on social media marketing.

There’s a free version of the tool which allows you to manage up to 5 pages, do two content strategies and post twice a week.

For advanced possibilities, you’d have to pay over $6 per month.

24. PostPlanner


The post planner tool has many useful things for Facebook managers.

Firstly, you can create your own Feed by mixing pages from different industries. The app will analyze the most popular posts and show them to you, so you are never out of inspiration.

Also, the tool can plan the publication time: you’ll see all of your posts in an editorial calendar. What you earlier had to do on your own, Post Planner is now doing for you.

The service can help you recycle good posts and re-publish them for those subscribers who didn’t see them the first time.

There’s no free plan, but you can get a starter plan for $3.

25. Buffer


Buffer offers three types of products: Buffer itself, for planning and scheduling, Replay, for enhancing and analyzing engagement, and Pablo, the image editor.

The tool pretty much covers everything we’ve been discussing. By the way, you can try it with a free subscription, or get a paid one.

Buffer supports all the popular social networks.


There are lots of other tools that didn’t make it to the list. Those that did, however, are total must-have. We hope that you had time to test them and found those that fit the best

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