7 Reasons Why Quora Will Make You A Better Writer

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7 Reasons Why Quora Will Make You A Better Writer

I love Quora. I really do. It’s a great resource where it’s possible to share expertise, answer cool questions and get lost of free traffic. In our age of promotion, it’s a blessing. Really, you can get thousands of visitors without investing a single dollar. Isn’t it awesome?

It is. It’s also completely random. If you are lucky, you’ll get hundreds of upvotes and thousands of views. If not, well, then it’s all a waste. However, despite all its considerable flaws, Quora is yet awesome.

Why Quora is great for writers

I won’t stop on obvious full-of-crap advantages like you can spread your opinion and stuff. Let’s just talk about what Quora gives you as a writer.


Quora’s questions and answers are excellent for post ideas. In fact, this very post is written because of a question I found of Quora. Also, can we talk a minute about awesome stories you’ll see in the Feed? For last weeks of my active hanging-out-on-Quora period, I found stories that made me cry and laugh, turned me jealous or instantly happy with my life. It can be a shocking content (like a story about a dude being eaten up by his dog) or something that brings tears like an answer from an anonymous guy who accidentally killed a person and has a tough time dealing with the psychological horrors of dealing with its consequences.

All these stories give you rare insights for any kind of writing. Some of the stories could be used as cases for articles, ideas for scripts or background for a new novel. Quora has it all.


Real talk, I wasn't sure whether to put this in the article because feedback on Quora often sucks. Comments are not that often (if your story is not a jaw-dropping revelation), mostly all you get will be views and upvotes. Now, considering those as a real evaluation of a good job is not the best thing to do. Sometimes there are just answers with one sentence like:

Google developer wrote about it on his blog, I’ll leave here a link.

And it gets thousands of views and hundreds of upvotes! Yes, the answer might be useful, I agree here completely. But it’s not a writing masterpiece, is it? Not every popular answer on Quora is good, and not every good answer is popular. However, if you are a competitive person (like my competitive self), these views and upvotes will motivate you tremendously.

Quora Digest

Not only it’s interesting to read but it gets only better when your answer gets there. Once my answer got the digest for 100 000 people, and it made my week. I wouldn’t say that it helps views that much but it definitely gives you a creative spark. Also, did I mention that it’s all for free? Cause it is.

Feel like a hot-shot expert

Now, this might be my own completely personal thing but I am confident I am not the only one with this quirk. The sitch is, I love answering questions. It makes me feel like a superstar who answers the interview or like a millionaire who is talking to Forbes journalist. Answering questions gives this nice feeling of ‘me being a professional’ which is the main reason? I love Quora so much.

Maybe you’ll feel the same or maybe I am just being pathetic. You should try yourself and see whether Quora has the same effect on you.

You enter a community

One month on Quora, and you’ll know what writers and popular, who has what achievements and experiments, you'll start recognizing them not only but their names or profile pic but also by their writing style. If you are really serious about networking, you can always write a comment or leave a private message. Chances are, they will even answer. Yes, in terms of writing networking quora is a pure awesomeness.

Followers don’t matter

Let’s be real: all these followers-subscribers madness sucks. I don’t know about you but I feel genuinely tired to count who followed me where compare my page to others where there are more followers or see whether they add up fast enough. It is such a BS. In Quora, you can have like 5 followers, and yet your answer can get viewed by thousands (well, if it’s good and you are lucky). No need to do stupid subscriber count.

How to write a good answer

There are many guides with all these pretentious names like ‘How did I get 100K views on Quora for one answer - you can do the same?’. It’s all lie. On Quora, you can’t be sure of any outcome. There is no way to predict success or write an instruction about it.

However, in my experience of working with Quora, I did notice some patterns, that are proven to work (sometimes). Take a quick checklist and trey following it:

  • Use subheadings. All my pot popular answers have them.
  • The best length is about 400-500 words.
  • Do research. For every answer, I open 2-3 good blog post and refresh my knowledge. Even if I know the topic very well, I still need more facts and statistics.
  • Use facts and statistics.
  • Graphs work great. If they are needed, obviously.
  • Write a lot but follow rules not to get banned. I do 5 answers per day.
  • Follow most popular questions and answers. Just pay attention to what people write and read.
  • Make sure your profile is great. Put good credentials and find a ‘naturally-looking’ photo of yourself.

An important disclaimer: follow it but don't make it a goal. Your task is to answer a question. Imagine that you are talking to a person who asked a question as to a close friend. When you send a message to a BFF, it doesn’t matter to you that the answer will get one view (this of your friend). Use the same approach for Quora. You are not writing for millions of Quora users. You are writing for that one particular person who asked the question as if it’s your friend. Screw the numbers.

Let’s wrap it up, shall we?

Even if you are not sure about writing on Quora just ye, you should definitely read it. Choosing between platforms to procrastinate on. Quora is the most intellectually developed. by the way, did you know that a big chunk of Quora users have PhDs? It does say something about the platform, doesn’t it?

P.S. I don’t really see a reason why one would delay writing on Quora. It’s amazing.

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