95 Easy Ideas For An Online Business

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95 Easy Ideas For An Online Business

It’s been proven that business plans are all about execution. You can take a simple idea and create something no one could imagine. Look at Amazon or at Tinder for that matter. Neither an idea of online retail (Ebay was already in the picture) or a dating app are new.

If you want to open an online business but have very little ideas of what to offer, we’re here to help. We collected every possible idea for online business that you can implement and make profitable and successful.

Time to brainstorm ideas.

1.A simple idea: to open an online store. What can you sell? Actually, anything: children's clothes, handmade, expensive cosmetics. Try to sell the products you like and know about.

2. Insurance broker online. Briefly about the concept: the client visits your website, calculates the cost of the policy, transfers you money. You send him a contract either by mail or through a courier.

3. Forex-provider. The world currency market works online. Why can’t become a part of it?

4. Trust management and PAMM accounts. If you successfully trade in Forex, ask people to manage their investments for a share of profits.

5. Content-project. What to publish? Here is a lot of room for your creativity: even cat memes do the job.

6. Blogging. It’s another sort of content blogging. Write a post or shoot a video about what interests you and your audience. With Medium, Tumblr, and Youtube, you have everything you need to become a famous blogger.

7. Software and application development.

8. Web service "A talk with an expert or celebrity." Invite an expert and sell a personal conversation via Skype on the auction system.

9. Affiliate marketing. Sell other people's products for a commission.

10. Info products: create and sell courses, webinars, white paper, e-books, etc.

11. Freelance. Choose a field, work from home, earn money.

12. Free dating service online.

13. Digital library. You can create a literal library for reading books online, or you can go beyond that and create a platform for audio books, books for blind people, etc.

14. Online coaching. Teach people to lose weight, save money, trade in the Forex market, get on a date with girls, play the guitar, shave carefully. In fact, you can create a worthwhile course even out of the most ridiculous hobby of yours. For example, there’s a course on Coursera which will teach you “Imagining other Earths”.

15. Social network.Just don’t say that you can’t compete with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube. You shouldn’t. Start with a specialized social service. Tandem, for example, is a social network for people who learn foreign languages.

16. Hosting provider. Yeah, here’s to expensive equipment and fighting hard to get a seat on the market.

17. The service of buying tickets and tours online.

18. Online radio. Offer your audience a high-quality information flow. For example, you can get in touch with podcasters and ask them to broadcast their podcasts on your station.

19. Photobank. Sell photos. PS. A lot of photographers who are shooting for free will be happy to upload their pictures on your website.

20. Online casino or sweepstakes. Learn how to properly register this business, so you won’t violate the law.

21. Divinations and magic online. There is a foot on every shoe, so even this niche can be quite profitable.

22. Games. It’s another kind of software and application development which deserves to be specially highlighted. You can take a not popular game and create your adaptation which might become more famous. FYI, that’s a brief history of Minecraft.

23. Cybersquatting. Invest in the registration and reselling of domains.

24. Service of joint purchases. Try to work at a local level: in your city or region.

25. Online clothes store. Here you should focus on personalization to get past the competition.

26. Aggregator of discounts. You can sell coupons and promo codes: it's a competitive market, but it's worth a try.

27. Prints on T-shirts. You can even run this business remotely.

28. Handmade. Accept orders for the manufacture of products online. What can you make? Tableware, dolls, furniture, jewelry, bowls for shaving, musical instruments. Short version: everything.

29. Psychological help online. If someone pays money to psychics, then there are clients for psychologists as well. Create an easy-to-use platform for people who want to solve their personal problems or fight anxieties.

30. Thematic catalog. Develop the idea of yellow pages, create a virtual directory of enterprises and institutions.

31. Bulletin board. It already exists, doesn’t it? But you can do better. Or you can keep looking for “the idea” for the rest of your life.

32. A business on Ebay, Amazon, and Shopify. What to sell? There’s always a simple way: you buy products and resell them for a higher price. However, you can also ask your friends, maybe they’d want you to sell their products for commission, so you’d be a retailer yourself.

33. Online library of forms. Create and keep an up-to-date resource where you can download application forms to any instance: from the passport office, to the tax office. Find a way to monetize your traffic.

34. Legal aid online. Help the audience pack documents for registration of enterprises, admission process, etc.

35. Marketing agency. Really, why not?

36. Network marketing online. Become a distributor of vitamins and miracle cosmetics. Sell this stuff through your own website.

37. Agency of online research. Conduct surveys, study statistics, sell reports.

38. Online Time Banking. The main goal is to find a way to monetize this project.

39. Survival School. Start preparing people for the zombie apocalypse or a nuclear catastrophe today.

40. Dropshipping. Dropshippers are the middle-men that organize the delivery of goods to consumers. In the context of the Internet business, you may be interested in the activities for the profitable delivery of goods from foreign retail stores.

41. Soap and handmade cosmetics. What does the Internet have to do with it? You can sell your products online. And with a platform like Etsy, you don’t even need to build your own website.

42.Home confectionery. You can sell your cookies on the website or via social media and deliver them all over the country.

43. Individual tailoring. Despite for selling your services, you can also start a blog on your website and post guides, such as: “How to take measurements by yourself?”

44. Charity. It turns out, charitable projects can be also a business. Fundraisers of charitable foundations around the world receive a fair share of the collected funds.

45. Consultations on employment. One might find it hard to believe, but many job seekers, even in the Internet age, have no idea how to write a resume.

46. Usury. No, you do not need a banking license to run such a business. Thanks to online money, you can give loans to anyone as a private person.

47. Remote technical support. Do you know how many users don’t know how to set up a router.

48. Internet cafe. Yes, Wi-Fi coverage is almost everywhere. Focus on the cafe itself. For example, place the outlets everywhere (actually, for many people it would be a huge usability improvement) and make the place a decent workspace with food.

49. Virtual exchange of currencies. For example, change wmz to wmr and back at a favorable rate.

50. Antique shop online. Buy, restore and sell old items.

51. Purchase and sale of sites. Although the time of dot.coms has passed, this business can still be pretty viable. You need to buy an unsuccessful project, improve and resell it.

52. Thematic forum. Create a forum in your field. For example, Litmus has created a thematic forum for email marketers. It’s been very profitable for them.

53. Online sale of sets of goods for everyday use. A couple of years ago, the Network has been blown up by the DollarShaveClub project, which regularly sent customers a set of razor blades for one dollar. So you can sell different things: socks, hygienic supplies, solution for contact lenses, food for fish and dogs, etc.

54. Digitization of paper photos, books, documents. Can you do it?

55. Online audit. Check sites, programs, applications, services.

56. Ghost writing. One of the varieties of freelancing, if you want. Most likely, you will write not for politicians, as the main character of the movie, but for potential candidates and doctors of science.

57. Web-service for teaching older people to work with computers. Do something like LinguaLeo, only about the basic skills of working on a PC for the elderly.

58. Service of surprises. The customer pays you $20 and names the address of the person whom he wants to surprise. You buy some weird stuff, pack it, and send it recipient’s way. Your client can’t choose what kind of stuff they want the recipient to get, otherwise the whole meaning is lost.

59. Translate Wordpress Templates. Thanks to lots of guides on Youtube, you don’t need to have special coding skills.

60. Virtual realtor. Create a resource for publishing ads on the sale and purchase of real estate.

61. Remote call center services. You have to pay employees and buy equipment.

62. Hacking agency. You need to hack everything, and then sell information to the owners about the vulnerabilities. Be sure to learn all the legal nuances. Apparently, you will have to be called not hackers, but experts in cyber security. The main thing - do not cross the line

63. Sale of social media pages. It's simple: you’d have to create a community, caught up fill it up with bots, earn $10. To earn more, create communities with real subscribers and develop your pages.

64. Courier service. Focus on online service: the user should be able to set a task and pay for services on the Internet. The courier should appear for a couple of seconds to pick up or deliver the parcel.

65. Exchange of services. Create a freelance site for offline workers: plumbers, carpenters, electricians, carers.

66. Exchange of secret buyers. Help brands to find performers for this delicate work.

67. Sale of organic products. This kind of Internet trading deserves a separate mention. It seems that a trend for natural will never pass.

68. Testing different products. Learn the consumer properties of products and write reports. When you become a well-known expert, sellers and manufacturers will send samples for free and pay for surveys.

69. Venture investment. Invest in projects at an early stage of development. Perhaps one of the 50,000 start-ups that you finance will become the new Facebook.

70. Coworking center. Create a working environment for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Fill the space with modern gadgets make sure you have fast internet connection. These can be robots-toys, drones, bracelets-sensors for children and pets, devices "smart house", etc.

71. System administration services. Your company will become an outsourcer of services for companies that do not want to keep a sysadmin in the state.

72. Online copy-center. The bottom line is as follows: clients send you e-mail coursework and diploma papers, photographs and memoirs. You print them, stitch them and send them to the customer through courier service. For a fee, you can edit and format the documents.

73. Sell animal goods. It’s another kind of online trading, which deserves a separate mention because of high margin. Paradox: people save on themselves, but they pay a lot of money for goods for children and animals.

74. An event planning center. Sell wedding scripts, corporate parties, holidays.

75. Credit broker online. The idea is similar to a virtual insurance brokerage: you collect applications for credit cards on the Web and transfer them to banks.

76. Medical Advice. Create a tool for remote medical counseling where people can be consulted by first-rate doctors without a need to go to the hospital.

77. Service of creation of design-mock-ups, three-dimensional models online. Try to allow customers to edit layouts themselves.

78. Tutor online. Create a resource where parents can find remote tutors for their children.

79. Online cost estimator. Create a service where you can automatically calculate the estimate of repair or small construction. For a fee, let your clients buy the services of a live accountant. You can earn on commissions from suppliers of construction materials.

80. Credit bureau. In the Internet age, credit histories can be formed online.

81.Service for delivering food to the office. Create an application through which employees of all office centers in the district can quickly order dinner.

82. Agency of pranks. Your clients leave the application and the coordinates of the "victim". You prank someone and get money.

83. Make toys according to children's drawings. It's simple: a child draws some freak, parents send you a drawing, and you embody childhood fantasies in life.

84. Service for creating mobile applications. You'll have to compete with TheAppBuilder and Appsmakerstore. But you will catch a wave of mobile Internet transformation.

85. Play online poker.

86. Open an online university. Remotely teach people anything: programming, journalism, design. Attract authoritative lecturers. Make a university diploma prestigious.

87. Service of sending posthumous messages. It is not necessary to invent anything: it is enough to reinterpret creatively the idea of the British Last Messages Club. The service sends emails to relatives and friends when a member of the club dies. Something like this: "Water the flowers, walk a dog three times a day. Yes, the insurance policy and cash are in the bank cell. "

88. Outsourcing the warehouse. Imagine the situation: you have an empty attic, and your neighbor has nowhere to store his stuff, yet he feels sorry about throwing it out. A neighbor pays $30 a year for storing his stuff in your attic. Here's the idea of business: create an online service where the owners of empty attics and any rubbish can find each other.

89. Employment portal for people with special needs. This service will be in demand by employers and job seekers. Start thinking about how to monetize it.

90. Implement the idea within the concept of the Internet of Things. Think of something: insert the wireless transmitter and display into sneakers, a water bottle, a dog collar or a baby diaper. Help clients count the kilometers they have covered, drunk milliliters, remotely monitor the well-being of children and pets. Similar ideas often appear on Kickstarter, you can spy out there.

91. Find an unusual way to sell advertising on the Web. Focus on the crazy ideas guys from Captive Media, try to outdo the Tittygram.

92. Online restaurant. It's simple: the customer visits the website and orders food. You cook the chosen dishes, deliver to your client’s place and serve the table. You can add a webcam so that the client can look at the work of the chef.

93. Service for paranoiacs. Create a resource where users can anonymously store and transfer information, work on the Web and on a personal computer. Offer the audience a cloud service like Edward Snowden's hacking set. Immediately think how to convince customers that you are not from the CIA or the FBI.

94. Monetize the need for owners of smartphones and tablets to recharge their devices. You need appliances that can be used to charge batteries in public places. For example, for the opportunity to feed a smartphone, ask the user to view the advertisement, install the application, register on the website, etc.

95. Search for a remote tutor. Sometimes parents do not have the strength, desire or ability to give enough attention to kids. In such cases, adults often use the help of the kid’s tablet or computer: watch, they say, your cartoons, just leave us alone. However, as an alternative for a procrastinating kid on the couch, parents can also think of how to use Internet as a way to educate a child. Create an app which will help parents find a remote tutor for their kids, taking into account one’s age and preferences.

The article could’ve been called “100500 ideas for an online business”. However, we decided to collect the most promising ones and present them to you. Remember, starting an online business is easier than it looks: you just need some courage to take off.

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