Digital service concept for EU citizens in partnership with Deloitte

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Digital service concept for EU citizens in partnership with Deloitte

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A little story behind

Usually, we work on commercial projects: something that helps clients work better and sell more. This time is special. As you might know, we occasionally work with a popular crowdsourcing platform, Eyeka. We sent our concept design of application for EU-citizens - and it got approved by EU-government.

Take a look at the fragment of the brief, given to us by the client.


Digitalization has changed our lives in every way. The way we do business, get education, access healthcare, the way we travel or purchase things, etc., and it will continue to impact on our daily lives. Governments around the globe are responding to the digital revolution to provide better public services for citizens.

The European Union has been providing many benefits to its citizens – they can travel freely and settle within all European Union countries, they can work in other European Union countries and pay taxes where they work, they can purchase houses in other European Union countries and start businesses, open bank accounts, study, and benefit from health insurance over the entire territory…

The European Union has also been attempting a transition from closed, bureaucratic, paper-based transactional public service models to digitized ones, including electronic invoicing and electronic ID, so that EU citizens can move more freely within the Union, do business more efficiently, interact easily with the government and participate more in political life.

Our sponsor would like to explore how the digital revolution in public services can remove administrative barriers, make them more accessible than ever and improve the life experience of EU citizens.

Can you tell us a personal story or imagine a situation in which an EU citizen could benefit from new digital public services?

Creative Challenge

Tell us a personal and meaningful story in which digital public services improve the lives of EU citizens.

The challenge is to imagine a real-life situation where new digital public services provided by the EU or national governments would provide benefits to EU citizens. We are more interested in identifying real-life situations related to the realities of living in the EU which truly resonate with EU citizens, than the technical details of the solutions themselves.


That’s what we did, developing a concept which will unite people across all the European Union.

Due to confidentiality, we can’t show the project but you absolutely can take a look at our official winning certificate.