Video script and storyboard for Dole Fruits

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Video script and storyboard for Dole Fruits

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A little story behind the project

We love writing scripts. We love doing it for young startups and big companies. The creative possibilities it provides, the challenges it sets, the rush it brings. That time, we did a script for Dole fruits advertising.

Some information about the product we were tasked to advertise. Dole Food Company, Inc. is an American agricultural multinational corporation headquartered in Westlake Village, California. The company is the largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world, operating with 74,300 full-time and seasonal employees who are responsible for over 300 products in 90 countries. The company currently has 35 000 employers and its own educational institution, Dole Institute.

Speaking shortly, it’s a big deal. We send the script to the company representative and they approved it. To have a better idea, what the challenge exactly was, take a look at the brief.


Fruit is such a great way to have something delicious and nutritious at the same time. But the process of getting to the eating part is tedious, isn’t it? First you wash the fruit, then you peel it, then you slice it and then finally you eat it. This becomes a hassle when you think about eating fruit. What if you could have the convenience of naked fruits, ready to be eaten?

Dole is an all-natural brand of fruit. Unlike other ready to eat fruit brands which contain syrup and added preservatives, Dole fruit cups have real, peeled fruits in 100% real fruit juice. It is a single serve, ready-to-eat, convenient cup of fruit that provides a healthy snack option for busy 20-40-year-old office going women, who are conscious about their health and wellbeing.

In this age of instant gratification, where convenience is of utmost importance, Dole fruit cups offer the convenience of naked fruits in an easy to eat format. Can you help us tell a story based on this idea?

Creative Challenge

Tell us how Dole fruit cups are a convenient way of eating naked fruit through tongue-in-cheek and creative stories!


Not only the company liked our script, they also gave us some great feedback.

I was amazed this visual style make our product conceptual to be real peeled fruit through "Unzip". I don’t even think about using other similar platforms in fruit category. It has inspired with our team and lays down the building blocks to develop key theme and visualization.

Due to confidentiality limitations, we can't show you the script. However, you are welcome to take a look at our Winner Certificates.