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Video script for European Investment Bank

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In August 2017, we joined the tender announced by European Investment Bank. The brand was looking for a script that could have viral potential and be highly shared on social media.

The brief stated:

Create an illustrated script for a shareable and emotional video that encourages European citizens to embrace change in life.

We are not asking you to create a script for a classic TVC promoting the European Investment Bank’s activity. We are looking for an emotional, sharable, inspiring script that promotes the mindset of people embracing change by seeing it as an opportunity. The story has to feel real, with real people, in real life – nothing staged, or corporate-feeling.

All the participants were given two routes to follow - a fictional story and a social experiment.

The result of the good work had to be “so interesting that people cannot help watching these until the end and hitting the share button”.

The brief was challenging and we couldn’t resist starting, although odds of winning a tender were pretty low.

Step 1. Research

In order to create a shareable script, we needed to see what topics are trending, and which videos people are willing to share.

On Youtube, we came across few videos that inspired the idea of the script:

1. 50 people, 1 question

The idea of the video was to show that kids are comfortable with themselves, and only as we grow, unhappiness about our bodies and looks increases.

This idea has inspired us to bring kids to the script.

2. World’s toughest job

The video, dedicated to Mother’s Day, has shaken the media. It has the element of surprise which makes it unpredictable and therefore, shareable.

After watching these 2 videos, we’ve developed several parameters that we wanted the video to fit:

  • a social experiment - it was our first time working with this type of the script, it was a challenge, a battle, a fight that we couldn’t help but take on.

  • the video has to involve kids - it’s no secret that both pictures and videos that have youngsters starring in them have high viral potential.

  • the video has to have a surprising twist. As the one for the Mother’s Day, we wanted our video to be unexpectable and shocking.

Step 2. Defining the main points of the script.

The topic of a script was “Embracing Change”. We needed our script to help people realize that change is rather positive than a negative process. That’s what we did.

Sure, we’ve signed an NDA, so no major details can be revealed. However, here is the summary of the short version of the idea.

Kids picture change differently than adults do. So when they were asked to draw it, they were focused on positive, not negative things that happened. Adults had to guess what kids were drawing, and obviously, they failed.

As kids explain what they have written, adults feel moved and touched.

Step 3. Writing the script

We needed the video script to be highly comprehensive for the brand. So we’ve written all the dialogues, explained how the video should be filmed while giving the freedom to change lines (it was a social experiment after all).

Step 4. Creating a storyboard

After the script was written, the illustrator started working on a storyboard. We needed it to cover the script step-by-step so the idea is understandable. Each frame had a text caption describing the picture.

Final result

Our script got to be among the three winners of the tender. The brand representatives were excited by our way to show change through the touching social experiment.

Here’s the review that we got:


Although we are thinking of reworking the flow of the social experiment to tailor it to our specific needs, your script did trigger the final idea of social experiment that we are likely to produce. You have been the spark!!

Thank you

EIB team

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